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Collect customer experiences and real-time feedback to boost social proof and improve your brand.

Boost Sales with Rewards

Add promo codes from your online store or create digital vouchers for physical redemption. Turn regular customers into brand advocates and incentivize them to recommend your brand.

Show You're Listening

Engage your community group with comments and chat. Give awards and badges for inspirational or helpful content.

One Brand Page

Showcase your content and add all your links to your brand page for easy access. Never worry about updating your webpage again.

Save Time and Automate

Skip the hassle. Automate collection requests and reward distribution. Link your Instagram, Shopify Store and more with custom APIs.


Actively engage. Use QR Code Stickers to collect experiences and feedback, distribute rewards, and funnel customers to your latest offerings.

User Generated Content

Get Reviews and Feedback with a Single Link.

Capture visual experiences, reviews, feedback and suggestions. Get up to 10x more content than from traditional social media. Great for Brands and Marketers.

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Submissions via a custom web link. No app download required.

Use Your Group Link to Collect Photos and Videos for,

  1. Product Reviews
  2. Events and Activities
  3. Ideas and Suggestions
  1. Marketing Campaigns
  2. Customer Experiences

Powering Customer Engagement For

Engage with a Single Link (yourgroup.stashally.com)

The Front Page For Every Business

Configure your group brand page as the springboard to your latest content, store, collection form, website, social post - everything your community needs to know.

Add any link from third-party sites and actively engage by asking users to contribute content, redeem rewards, and recommend you to a friend.

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Easy Feedback

Get Direct Feedback

Collect real-time feedback and suggestions to improve your operations and gauge satisfaction, all in one customizable form.

Omnichannel Engagement

Show You're Listening. 10x Your Engagement with Custom QR Stickers

Get QR Code Stickers that go on your product, storefront, or delivery packages. Draw more people to your community to create a review, claim rewards, recommend you to their friends, and more.

Setup your Stashally Group and get 1000 custom QR code stickers for your brand to help you get started. It's free on us!

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Make Engagement Fun & Simple. Built for Mobile.

Embed on On-Site

Content Anywhere You Want

Add a real-time showcase of collected content to your website with just 3 lines of code.

Export your user generated content for use in EDMs, marketing materials, or give a link to showcase the latest experiences related to your brand.

View Your Dashboard on the Web or App

Get a bird's eye view of your group. Approve or manage posts, setup your multi-link brand page, see all your feedback and suggestions, give awards, label your content, bulk export visuals, and more.

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Extras You'll Love

Automate with Shopify

Automate Review Collection and Rewards Distribution for your Shopify Store.

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Link Your Instagram

Push, Pull and Schedule Group Content to and from Instagram.

Be seen on Google

Every Stashally Group is search engine optimized on Google, bringing views and visits forever.

Enterprise Ready. Add Stashally to your platform or app.

Collecting experiences and feedback at scale? Experience state of the art content management and dedicated support from the team. We're able to customize your group to your specific requirements and add additional features as required. Deepen customer engagement while boosting ROI with your own community group powered by Stashally.

  • API Integration

  • Advanced Security

  • Automated Rewards

    24/7 Moderation

  • Content Permissions

  • Automated Requests

  • Custom Showcase

    Integrate with CMS

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