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We're on a mission to help entrepreneurs and creators build the best front page for their business. Easy to design, no code, integrated with popular platforms, jam-packed with the latest information, links and engagement.

Connect All Your Favorites on One Page

Make Discovery Easy. Put your latest links and content on one page for easy access.

Integrate with Your Favorite Platforms. Pull content from Instagram, Google Reviews and Facebook. Showcase your latest Youtube or Tiktok videos. Add best sellers from your Shopify, Amazon, or online store and more.

Unleash Your Creativity. Design and Customize in Minutes.

Easy to update, simple to use. Make quick updates to your Stashally page on mobile or desktop.

Get access to millions of free images and animated stickers for your mini site.

Supercharge Your Link in Bio

Make discovering more content and engagement easier for the people who love your brand. Link your page everywhere you need to connect with your followers.

    Popular Features & Tiles

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    Engagement Tools For Every Business

      Collect Reviews and Feedback. Collect user submitted photos and videos as posts to your page. Get ideas and suggestions to improve.

      Showcase Your Latest Promotions. Add images or banners to showcase your latest updates and promotions.

      Rewards and Referrals. Distribute promo-codes and vouchers from any platform with a single click.

      Collect Emails. Collect emails and start building your community. Display top fans that interacted with your page.

      Extras You'll Love

      Automate with Shopify

      Automate Review Collection and Rewards Distribution for your Shopify Store.

      Link Your Instagram

      Push, Pull and Schedule Group Content to and from Instagram.

      Analytics and Dashboard

      Track Analytics For Your Page and Manage Activities from the Dashboard or App


      Don't worry, we'll always be free to use. Optional upgrades might be available in the future if you want to support us more!
      It takes only 5 mins. No code required. Have fun making your page something special. We highly recommend uploading your own background and using the animated icons!
      Most of our users have very lovely websites. However maintaining and updating it with the latest links and integrations can be a chore. We believe every business needs an easy, quick access page integrated with all the platforms and services they use. Think of us like an awesome table of contents for an amazing book :)
      We're constantly coming up with new features and integrations. Stay tuned as we add more integrations to really make your page pop!
      You can view those anytime when you login from stashally.com or this page!
      Oh boy, we're tired of apps too! No app required. Customise, edit, and manage entirely on the web. We plan to optimise an app later for power users to keep track of their page.