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4 Simple Customer Engagement Strategies To Boost Sales

Posted by Joel Hirthe | May 24, 2021

In an ever connected world, businesses should be hyper focused on continually engaging their customers.

1. Actively ask for Feedback and Reviews

An example review and feedback form on Stashally.

Listening to your customers is always a good thing. Good reviews help boost social proof, which is your business's #1 driver of sales and word-of-mouth. Having lots of reviews inspires and encourages other customers to try your business. Negative reviews are also useful, helping realize shortfalls and identify future improvements.

There are many ways to collect customer generated content, here are the most popular,

- Google Reviews (for physical locations)
- Direct Email / SMS Requests
- Tags on Social Media - Instastory, Facebook posts
- Google Forms / Typeform / Survey tools
- Third Party Review Platforms (ie. Trustpilot, Yelp, Tripadvisor, etc)

While its true average review rates are in the region of 2-7%, the content you receive can improve your brand multi-fold while providing valuable insight to what resonates with your customers.

One of the best times to ask for feedback and reviews is at the end of every customer touchpoint (i.e. solving a customer service problem, completing delivery of a product, after a new product launch, etc.).

Keep it simple, don't send a long form (everyone hates those), and make it as convenient as possible for customers to reply. Treat your customer's time as precious as you'd treat your own! Give small incentives by adding rewards upon form completion or referral. Rewards can increase your response rates by 2-5x while giving the added benefit of generating additional sales.

2. Keep Customers Coming Back with Rewards

Using QR codes to help boost content collection while increasing referral sales.

    In today's online world, loyalty is fickle and complex to manage but still extremely valuable for brands to build upon. A customer is 40% more likely to return to a business when they have a promo-code or coupon. Don't be stingy with discounts, especially to regular customers who support your brand. They're usually the people who drive new sales to your business.

    3. Encourage Customers to Recommend You to Their Friends and Family

    Adding sharable rewards in Stashally

    Your customers are the largest group of valuable advocates. People enjoy sharing the things they love and its your job to make that easy and rewarding. Give shareable rewards, vouchers and promo-codes for referrals. Slight discounts and rewards earnestly given can help clinch that sale from another competitor, while building word-of-mouth, at almost no cost to the business.

    We recommend always giving rewards based on repurchase or first time try, it doesn't have to be too big (a 5-15% discount goes a long way), but your customers and regulars will definitely appreciate it!

    4. Constantly Seek To Engage and Showcase

    Example of a showcase carousel on a Stashally Brand Page - Integrate your google, facebook, and instagram posts for maximum impact

    Love needs to go both ways. Constantly communicating and showing customers you're listening is something every brand needs to do. Showcasing your latest and best in-house content together with organic user generated content creates that sense of excitement and real-time momentum. Customers also love it when their content gets featured on a brand's front page!

    We're Stashally, an engagement platform to help brands better connect to their customers. Visit us at to find out more!