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12 to 500 brands in 90 days. Upcoming features!

Posted by Cedric @ Stashally | August 23, 2021

When we first soft launched our beta in may, we wanted to help entrepreneurs and creator brands build a better landing page. We also wanted to give consumers the freedom of choice in deciding how they wanted to interact with brands - whether it was to see the latest YouTube video, or visit the main store, or check out reviews from other people - without the hassle of scrolling through age old websites or digging information from Google / Facebook.

We focused on the tools small businesses will need to engage better with their customers - reviews, feedback, rewards - all without the exorbitant SaaS fees. The ability to condense all their social content and reviews into one gallery. The built-in community functions. We thought we had our USPs nailed down.

Turns out (like most startups) we were pretty much wrong on why people loved Stashally. As we crossed 500 brands over the weekend (yay mau! rip server costs), we managed to look through the requests, feedback and comments from our new users. While our advanced functions were well appreciated, those alone didn't win us the most users.

The #1 reason. We made it easy for people to design amazing landing pages on their mobile browser.

Yep, apparently that was the reason why users chose us (even with our sub-optimal onboarding) over traditional website builders like wix and squarespace. Why they replaced their, linktrees, (and oh so many others) with their stashally page.

Some stats for context,

  • 70% of our users came from word of mouth
  • 90% are from South East Asia (50% #singaporerocks)
  • 4/5 are small business owners - Go hbbs!

So as we cross 500 brands, we wanted to say we're grateful for your support, and we hear you. Over the next week we will be pushing out AI page builder functions to help you build the best looking page for your passion. Our team will sharpen our focus on easy on boarding, no code design. You're going to have a landing page with functionalities that can rival major online brands. And all of this, 100% free.

Interested to take us for a spin? Find out more at

We can't wait to see what designs you guys are going to come up with!